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P-Grid is the basic library building the structured overlay network. It can be used by developers to build their own distributed systems and applications. The P-Grid library provides all required sources to run P-Grid, some classes to test P-Grid including Hello World examples, the P2P/Storage interface definitions used by P-Grid and Java API docs for all classes.

Type File Version License Date Size
Binaries LGPL 25/11/2008 3.0MB
Sources LGPL 25/11/2008 4.6MB
Older Versions
Binaries LGPL 28/09/2008 4.5MB
Sources LGPL 28/09/2008 2.8MB
Binaries GPL 20/03/2008 8.2 MB
Sources GPL 20/03/2008


Binaries 3.0.0 GPL 25/01/2007 1.6MB
Sources 3.0.0 GPL 25/01/2007 3.3MB 3.0.0b GPL 11/06/2007 3.7MB


Gridella is a file-sharing application on top of P-Grid providing a GUI to share, search and download files. Gridella is supposed to act as proof-of-concept for P-Grid and not to share, copy or distribute copyrighted material! Gridella is available as installer for most common operating systems supporting Java and as source code including Java API docs.
All installers are based on the latest stable version of P-Grid and require an installed Java VM 1.5 or later.

Type File Version Date Size
Binaries 2.1.0 25/01/2007 5.6M
Installers Gridella_v2.1.0_windows.exe 2.1.0 25/01/2007 7.0M
  Gridella_v2.1.0_linux.bin 2.1.0 25/01/2007 7.1M 2.1.0 25/01/2007 6.6M
  Gridella_v2.1.0_other.jar 2.1.0 25/01/2007 7.0M
Sources 2.1.0 25/01/2007 4.8MB