The P-Grid Project

Implementation - Screenshots

The screenshots show the GUI of Gridella, a file-sharing application on top of P-Grid. Gridella is, as P-Grid, written in Java and runs on any system that provides a Java runtime environment. To download the software, visit the download page.
Below you see some screenshots of the current GUI (one of the provided skins among others). For large screenshots click on the images.
Search screen Search screen
Here you can enter your queries and view the results. The image shows the results of two queries.
Download screen Download screen
This screen shows the user the status of his/her downloads.
Network screen Network screen
This screen allows the user to monitor the current connectivity in the P-Grid systems.
Upload screen Upload screen
Here the user sees what other peers download form his/her peer.
Library screen Library screen
The files the peer offers to the P2P community.