The P-Grid Project

Implementation - Extensions


GridVine builds a full-fledged semantic overlay network on top of P-Grid. The system exposes a new set of primitives allowing end-users to insert metadata, schemas and schema translations as well as retrieve semantic information using expressive query languages. Capitalizing on recent developments, we chose the RDF / RDFS as languages to encode metadata and vocabulary definitions in GridVine.
GridVine is an internal project managed by Philippe Cudré-Mauroux. The corresponding implementation will be available soon (beginning of next year) in our download section.

The UniStore project aims for implementing a large-scaled but still light-weight distributed data system on top of P-Grid. The main motivation for UniStore is the idea of Public Data Management, where a large amount of independent users provide and/or look for information structured in any conceivable way. The raw data provided by these systems, as well as any search and management process, is formed only by a pairwise interaction between these users.

The focus of the project lies on efficient query processing, which involves the choice of distributed indexes, cost-based optimizations and the application of Multiple Mutating Query Plans (M2QP). In analogy to popular relational database systems, UniStore aims for supporting sophisticated query capabilities, like rank-aware queries, similarity queries and schema queries. These aspects are enriched by approaches for managing heterogeneous user data (self-descriptive data model, ad-hoc integrated schema correspondences, etc.). The combination of these ideas promises to be taylor-made for the aspired applications.

Since the start of the project, UniStore evolved to become a complex system, combining functionality known from traditional database systems with the support of large-scale distributed data management. There is a running implementation available on the project web page, which was already presented at the ICDE conference in 2007. More publications on this topic can be also found there.